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Fortune Pen Cai (Frozen) Storage & Reheating Guide

🍊🍊 Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái!

Thank you for your purchase. Please read instructions (scroll down for Chinese) on how to store and reheat Imperial Kitchen Ready-To-Eat Frozen Fortune Pen Cai.

Storage Instructions

  • Best consumed within 1 month from date of packing.
  • Store in freeze at -18°C and below.
  • Do not place product under direct sunlight or store at room temperature.
  • Do not re-freeze once thawed.

Reheating Instructions

Step 1: Thaw (Frozen) Fortune Pen Cai overnight in the chiller prior to reheating.

Step 2: Remove ingredients from vacuum bag and place into clay pot.

Step 3: Slow cook Fortune Pen Cai under LOW FIRE over stove for about 45 minutes or until boiling.

Step 4: Serve immediately and enjoy!

Step 5: Do take a picture and tag us on Instagram @imperialkitchensg

*Important Note: Improper thawing or cooking under high heat may result in cracking of pot.

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  • 请在包装之日起一个月内使用。
  • 保存在冰箱冷冻室 -18°C以下冷藏。
  • 请勿将产品置于阳光直射下或在室温下存放
  • 解冻后不要再次冷冻。

第 1 步:在重新加热之前,提前将盆菜放入冷藏冰箱解冻,建议隔夜让它完全解冻。

第 2 步:将材料从真空袋中取出,放入煲中。

第 3 步:在炉子上用小火慢煮盆菜约 45 分钟或直至沸腾。

第 4 步:立即享用!

5 步:拍张照片并在 Instagram 上标记我们@imperialkitchensg